First of all, there is nothing wrong with buying shirts at a brewery. In fact, it is worth buying them since it is like a souvenir for you and as a reminder that you have visited a brewery where beer has been made. What better way to solidify your experience other than by buying your own shirts from the brewery itself? The main question here is what kind of printing technique they’ve used to have the design on the beer shirt itself? It would be better if they used the heat press machine for it.

What is a heat press machine?

The heat press machine is created to imprint the graphic or a design onto the substrate, most commonly on t-shirts, using pressure and heat from the machine itself that will be pressed on the shirt for a period of time. The heat presses are widely used to apply designs onto fabrics, there are also specially designed heat presses that are made to imprint designs on various other products that are not flat.

For many people, the use of the heat press machine to print a design onto the t-shirt is something that they prefer, because they are durable, long lasting and very affordable. It will only take a couple of minutes to have your preferred brewery shirt design printed on the shirt. If you are going to a brewery and they happen to make use of the heat press machine, don’t forget to take one of their shirts as your souvenir. Many souvenir shops, especially brewery factories, make use of the heat press machine because they are very cost effective, not to mention the prints are long lasting and doesn’t fade away easily.

Benefits of going to a brewery

Aside from acquiring a t-shirt from the brewery commemorating your visit to the brewery, there are other things that you can get from your trip. But you will be able to enjoy your stay if you do the following before your trip.


It would be nice to go to your favorite brewery without any plans at all, but you will miss a lot of things that would’ve been recommended but won’t be included in the tour unless you ask. But the best way to experience the brewery is by planning it beforehand. This means that you have to contact the brewery in advance and then tell them that you are going to a book a tour around the brewery. Not only will be given the full tour around the brewery, you might even get the beer shirts for free. These are usually the rewards given to people that have taken the time to visit the beer factory.

Know before going

If you don’t know anything yet, after you have booked your tour around the brewery, it wouldn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the brewery’s current workings, philosophy, history, products and many more. You should start looking up the history of the brewery, which is hopefully they have put up a website for references t their visitors. Who knows that even among those that are very keen on knowing more about the history behind the brewery might find something of interest when they answer some trivia inside.

It is also important that you ask what kind of brewery tour you are going to be engaging into. Knowing this will give you an idea what the tour is going to be, including witnessing the operation of the brewery itself. Avoid ending up in a short tour, which is usually offered to walk-in visitors.