Are you one of those people who love to have a few beers after a long hard day’s work? Well, you may think twice about the types of beverages you decide to quench your thirst. Dr. Michael F. Roizen, MD, and Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, MD, say, “Belly fat is the most dangerous fat you can carry.” Not to put a damper on the party, but drinking beer is largely accountable for belly fat, according to personal fitness trainer, Mike Thorton. So, how can people yearning to relax with some nice cold beers still manage a healthy waistline? Plus, why is extra baggage around the mid-section so dangerous to your health?

You don’t have to unbuckle your pants any longer for some much needed relief. In reference to Mr. Thorton, you should lose the beer, or at least, drink substantially less.

However, you’ll probably be glad to hear, he recommends switching to a lighter beer if all else fails.

Please, don’t go speeding off to the nearest liquor store just yet. According to Dr. Wynnie Chan, you should have 5 or 6 small, low-caloric meals a day. Some people may feel like a real pig, squealing to others she’s eating that often. However, eating 5 or 6 times a day significantly increases your metabolism, in reference to Dr, Bessie Jo Tillman, MD.

Exercise is the other trick to raising your metabolism, thereby lowering your weight. Unfortunately, lifting and bending your arm to guzzle down a beer does not fulfill this requirement. Rather, according to George Blackburn, Associate Director of The Division of Nutrition at Harvard Medical School, people need to exercise for 60 minutes a day to the point of breaking a sweat. Fortunately, you don’t have to “break the bank” buying all sorts of exercise equipment. Merely, walking briskly for an hour will get the job done.

In all seriousness, beer bellies are no light matter. In reference to Dr. Holly G. Atkinson, MD, belly fat is linked to heart disease, diabetes and various forms of cancer. Therefore, please do yourself and your loved ones a favor and trim down that waistline while you still have the chance.