Students are expected to adhere to the school rules while they are on the premises. Doing something against the school rules are subjected to punishment or penalties, depending on the severity of the punishment. As long as you do not do the things that are forbidden on school grounds, rest assured you get to finish the whole school term easy and happy.

However, there are records of students that got suspended when they went against the rules. The good thing is that they weren’t expelled, because the offense was not that grave. But this will affect your grades really bad if you aren’t going to change your ways or even avoid these penalties as much as you can. And one of them is by wearing t-shirts that are not really well received by schools.

Printed t-shirts that are not appropriate at school

The printed t-shirts that you should be extra wary of should never go through the heat press machine if you plan to print them. But if you do, at least don’t ever wear them on school grounds. The list below are shirts that you should avoid wearing at school

  • Lines that reads something along a trophy wife for the future
  • Lines suggesting genitalia
  • Profane words
  • “Don’t call on me”
  • Lines suggesting that discourages being a hard worker at school or one that discourages students from studying or cooperating at school
  • Beer shirts

There are more t-shirts that have been reported by various schools as inappropriate and that they are dealt with. The ones that are caught with these profane or inappropriate shirts are then reported and are suspended for a couple of days.

Suspension over beer t-shirt worn at school

If you are not convinced that this will cause you suspension, one school has banned the wearing of beer t-shirts, although the ban took place back in the 8th of October 1986 in Spring Valley. Just like many other high school students, one particular student named Randy Genochio went to school before the fall season. It was also the time that he buys himself with a couple of new shirts since he was entering his senior year at the school Mt. Miguel High School.

Yet shortly after school year just started, it became really clear to the school admin that they do not share the same style and taste with clothes.

Genochio at the age of 17 got suspended and even ordered to change his clothes 3 times since he wore t-shirts that carried the logo of various beer companies, which is violating the policy of the school that prohibits any garments that advertises or promotes the use or consumption of tobacco or alcoholic products. It suggests to the children that it is okay to consume them even at an early age.

Yet, it is debatable as to what happened to the 17 year old Genochio, especially when there is the First Amendment of the law that protects anyone with their freedom of speech. This is why suspension was too harsh for the student in question, and it would’ve been better if he was told to change and given a warning. It was against the constitution for human rights, as they see it from parent’s viewpoint.

Is it still prohibited today?

It entirely depends on the school, but there are certain schools that are very lenient towards their students that wear beer company logos only. This doesn’t suggest to the onlooker that they should consume a lot of beer, but rather bring out awareness to people.