The art and romance of shot gunning beer has been a high school and college tradition for many years. I first came in contact with the sport during my early high school years through a friend who claimed he could finish a beer in 4 seconds or less. He then proceeded to do so as I watched in amazement. This man then became my shot-gunning mentor and taught me the tricks of the trade, which I will share with you here.

There are of coarse many variations of the sport.

There is what I call the “Animal House” version where the participant jams a screwdriver into the lower portion of an aluminum can of beer, places the mouth over the hole and squeezes the can while he/she sucks out as much of the liquid as possible. While this method is fun and exciting to watch, the participant will undoubtedly be called foul due to the mess of the spilt beverage.

There is an “Animal House” variation. I once saw a man chew a hole in the can and proceed in the same fashion. This method is again fun and perhaps more exciting to watch, but you will again have the mess, not to mention the dental bill!

Many participants chose the “Chug and Poke” method. Which is to open the beverage in the traditional way, tilt the beer towards the mouth then poke a hole in the side with a sharp object, or preferably an object duller than a knife such as the tip of a screwdriver or house key, then proceed to drink the beer as quickly as possible. This method has its advantages over the earlier two in that less of the beer is spilt. Though it is cleaner than the previous methods the chug and poke method of shot-gunning beer is somewhat slow and difficult to maneuver.

The last variation of shot-gunning beer I will discuss is called the “Underside Approach”. This method involves first turning the aluminum can up side down and using a screw driver or other sharp object to puncture a small hole in the middle of the under side of the can. Then covering the hole with the index finger turn the beer back upright and open the beverage as usual. While consuming the liquid as quickly as possible uncover the hole and enjoy. The underside approach works very well and is also very clean. This is the best method when cleanliness is a necessity. However there is a faster way to shotgun a beer.

“The Proper Method” to shotgun a beer.

If done properly a beer may be consumed directly from an aluminum container in less than 4 seconds.

First you must cradle the can in your left hand (opposite for lefties) then point the tab toward the ground. Now tilt the beer can at approximately a ten-degree angle just so the liquid inside creates an air gap where the hole will be made, this will not allow any beer to shoot out as the hole is created. With a sharp object, such as a knife, create a hole about the size of your thumb, a larger hole will remove the beer faster but be careful not to make the hole larger than your mouth can handle. Start at the bottom of the can and move around in a circular fashion. Now hold the canister with the left hand at the base cupping your palm around the bottom of the beer, be careful to hold the same angle. Bring the puncture to your lips and tilt the beer so your mouth is over the hole. Simultaneously open the tab and tilt backwards and a bit to the side so the liquid is pouring into your mouth. Now suck and swallow as quickly as you can handle. This takes some practice but it can be done in 4 seconds or less.

Please enjoy responsibly and remember as you learn to shot gun a beer, great care must be taken when consuming alcoholic beverages and using sharp objects.