Straubs Beer Glasses, Beer Boots and Steins

Military - Civil War

Unless noted, all steins shown are one-half liter in quantity and approximately 7.5 to 9.0 inches high.

The young men of Germany in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries often treasured a stein as part of the memories of their time in military service under Germany's compulsory military service obligation. The tradition of these "Regimental steins" has been carried on in these offerings.

Just the Beer Facts: The German immigrants brought Lager beer to the States and displaced ale. Brewers like Busch, Pabst, Yuengling, Schaefer, Ruppert, Coors, and others.

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Stein displaying the eight confederate flagsCSA Flags #4275 - The soldiers of the South fought under many flags; not just the "Southern Cross" so many think of the THE Confederate flag. Here is a stein with a bit of a history lesson as well as just attractively displaying eight Confederate flags. Southern Heritage as you won't find anywhere else. Another Straubs' Internet exclusive!$33.75

Pewter Flask -  #5512Civil War Flask #5512- This polished pewter flask is made in England and decorated with the flag of the Confederacy era. Twist off cap and ideal for engraving. $43.35