Straubs Beer Glasses, Beer Boots and Steins


Unless noted, all steins shown are one-half liter in quantity and approximately7.5 to 9.0 inches high.

military service mugs Military Service Mugs These glistening black mugs display the image of each of the four U. S. Armed Services. They are 5.25 inches high and hold one-half liter of the beverage of your choice.
$11.75 each 

Air Force stein

#AF-1 If you identify with the "Wild Blue Yonder", then this stein is for you. Both sides are shown in the photo, revealing the famed "Winged Star" designed by Gen. Henry "Hap" Arnold and the new stylized 21st Century model. Opposite the handle is the unofficial motto of the Air Force; "... to Fly and to Fight." This is a 0.5-liter stoneware stein with a polished pewter lid that provides an area nearly two inches in diameter for engraving. (#AF-1). Ideal gift for retirement or promotion. $24.99

Just the Beer Facts: In the manuscript collections of the New York Public Library is a notebook kept by George Washington, which includes a hand-written recipe for small beer.

Coast Guard Beer Steins - Now there are two!

[0.5l US Coast Guard stein]Two different variations of the Coast Guard stein and both are Straubs' internet exclusive. The original #25668-1, the one on the right, has the larger logo but smaller "mark". The new variation, #25668-2, is on the left and has a small logo but larger "mark". Take your pick for $19.90

We also have Coast Guard beer mugs. Identical to the steins above, but without the lid. #20200-1 is similar to the one on the right with the larger logo, smaller "mark". #20200-2 is on the left with the smaller logo, larger "mark". Either one for just $12.75

Operation Allied Force - pewter lidded stein  Our air crews did the job! They proved that airpower can put the pressure on and force an enemy to give up. Now here is the stein to honor those men and women.

Click on image for a larger view.

Allied Force stein

The stein is made of porcelain and the lid is pewter; made in Germany. The decoration consists of the NATO star on one side with the words "Operation Allied Force" and the dates March-June 1999.

On the other side is a map of Serbia and Kosovo surrounded by the fighters and bombers making up the air armada. The text reads, "Persuasive Diplomacy through Airpower". Three silver bands circle the body.

The pewter lid has the US Seal on the top, banded by a row of stars and stripes with a lower band of eagles alternating with "USA".

This stein stands just under 7.5 inches tall. The offering is available at $49.95

Unit orders of 12 or more entitled to additional savings; call for quotes. Ask for
OAF-1. E-mail orders to or call (US only) 1-800-997 BEER.

Stein displaying the eight confederate flagsCSA Flags #4275 - The soldiers of the South fought under many flags; not just the "Southern Cross" so many think of the THE Confederate flag. Here is a stein with a bit of a history lesson as well as just attractively displaying eight Confederate flags. Southern Heritage as you won't find anywhere else. Another Straubs' Internet exclusive! $33.75

Pewter Flask -  #5512Civil War Flask #5512- This polished pewter flask is made in England and decorated with the flag of the Confederacy era. Twist off cap and ideal for engraving. $43.35