As soon as mom or dad start to get involved in a home brewing hobby, kids want to join in too. If you can get them involved in the brewing process, it only not expands their minds, but it also makes memories to last a lifetime. So how do make that possible?

It is very dangerous for the kids to be around because of the boiling water and equipment that can be misused. A way to get kids involved without injury is to make their own brew. Of course it would non-alcoholic. This is also true for people who do not drink beer. There is a simple recipe for ginger beer. Ginger beer is mainly made of ginger, lemon, and sugar. The kids are able to be hands on when making it. They can show it off to their friends and share it with their family.

When getting ready for the youngsters to make their homemade brew, make sure to go over the steps to making the brew first. It is important to have all the equipment and supplies ready. That way there is no confusion in the brewing area. The ingredients for home brewing can be found at any local supermarket. Make sure to have the eight pint size bottles and four bottles that must be able to hold about a quart. You will also need plenty of bowls to mix up the ginger beer mixture. The ingredients are as follow: you will need one teaspoon of cream of tartar, two sliced lemons, pound of sugar, one ounce of yeast, one boiled gallon of water. So the next time you need to go grocery shopping make sure to pick up the essential ingredients.

After buying all the ingredients it is time to go by the step by step instructions. First, you will cut up the two lemons into big rings. Put the lemons into the ginger beer mixture and boil the water. You will then need to press the ginger so it can mix with the water and the beer. After you have done all that, you can now chill it then you can add the yeast. After that, put the mixture into the larger bottles and let them ferment for a couple days. When all is done, take off all the residue. You are ready to enjoy your ginger beer.