Parts of the Wine Glass

Why is it that there are different shapes and sizes of wine glasses? Is there a specific reason they are shaped that way? These questions are commonly asked by those who have no idea what they are used for but love the taste of wine whether this is red or white, dry or sweet, light or robust. Wine needs to be served at the right temperature, and each kind of wine needs to be served in a particular kind of glass. Understanding these different types of glasses for the win and how they are ideal for the type of wine over the other is important if you wish to make out most of your own wine collection.

First, you need to understand the parts of the wine glass. It is composed of the foot, the stem, bowl, and the rim.

The foot is what makes the glass stand in an upright manner.

The stem is what allows the wine glass to be held without the transferring the heat of your hands to the wine. It also won’t create any smudges on the bowl that can distract the visual fun of looking at your win.

The bowl is where you will find the wine when served. However, it serves various purposes. In it, you will find the variation between wine glasses. The bowls of every wine glass are tapered upward in a slightly narrower opening right at the top compared to the bottom. This kind of shape aids in distributing and capturing the aroma of the wine on toward your nose and mouth. The bowls of the wine glasses are also designed in allowing the surface area that is appropriate to the wine being service. The red wine glasses have a bigger surface area where the wine is given the space to breathe. White wine glasses have smaller surface area compared to the former. There is also the champagne glasses, wherein they come with small surface area. The purpose of this is to retain the carbonation.

The rim’s purpose is very important in achieving the entire experience with your wines. If the rim is thinner, it will make the glass less distracting from its wine as you take a sip. How can you consider a good wine glass? They have this “cut” in the rim that is very smooth when you touch them, not to mention it will not inhibit the flow of the wine when it makes it out of the glass. The less expensive glass have rims that are either bumpy or rolled. They are still functional and also considered the most practical option to have if you wish to use a wine glass for everyday use. However, keep in mind this kind of wine glasses can distract you from the wine that you wish to drink on.

The color of the best wine glass is crystal clear, wherein it allows the subtleties and beauty of the wine to get shown through. While those that offer decorative accents and colored glasses may have some beautiful visuals, but it can never show off the wine.

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