• How much do the personalized items cost?

This depends on the kind of order that you wish created. Here in Straubs’, when you choose one of the designs already listed in our gallery, the minimum amount that you pay for per item is at $9. However, if you wish to create customized items that are not found in our gallery, we require each of our clients to order customization priced at a minimum of $100.

  • Why buy our products?

We value each of our customers not only personally but through virtual experience as well. Due to the commitment that we place on our customers, we are always happy to answer all the questions that you emailed to us either directly from your emails or through our contact page with an utmost emergency. We also provide 30-day returns hassle-free and will ship most of the items out on time, which is the next day that you have placed your order.

  • What to expect when you place your order?

Once you have placed or finalized your order, you will be charged through your credit card or PayPal account if you use either one with your purchase. It will immediately be saved into our system. It will then be sent through our system tagged with the status “processing”. This signifies that your order has already been sent to the warehouse, where it will be created, packaged and then shipped to your location within 24 hours. However, the times can change depending on the location, especially when it is an international shipment. Once we have shipped the product, you will receive an email from us in which it has confirmed the shipment with the tracking information has already been shipped. If you have ordered a back ordered item, we will ship it to you right away after it comes back in stock. However, we don’t offer this service if the items are to be shipped outside the country.

  • Can items be engraved?

Yes, this is one of the specialties that the artisans of Straubs are lauded for. However, keep in mind that we may charge extra for expedite engraving, especially when it comes to seasons where orders are very high that engraving is only provided to a few selected customers. This is based according to who made the orders first – a first-come-first-served basis. During peak seasons, we only provide our engraving service to a limited number of customers. In the event that you are provided with the service, you will be instructed to provide the name or word that you wish to be engraved on your personalized item in the box provided. To those who can’t avail our engraving service, you can have your item engraved at local engraver after the purchase is made.

  • Can orders be rushed?

Most of our clients do want their orders rushed, which is why we provide on our shipment option on the kind of “priority” you wish your orders to be sent. The shorter the time it takes for the items to be shipped, the more expensive the shipment fee will be.

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