The best shirts for college parties wholly depends on how comfortable the wearer is. The first thing that college students want out from their t-shirts is the feel of the fabric, which is then followed by the design of the front of the shirt. If the shirt isn’t comfortable to wear, it is only natural that the wearer doesn’t feel good about it. The only way for you to get to the best shirts for college parties is that both the design and the fabric must be its best, especially if you are looking for ways on how you get to enjoy beer and at the same time wearing a beer shirt. We recommend making your own with a heat press machine.

Choosing the right fabric

You only need to know the fabric materials that are used on making the T-shirts. Each of these fabric are designed for a specific use. The details below also shows how the fabric feels on the skin as well.


The fabric itself is made out of the cotton plant. It is also one of the most common fabrics to use for T-shirts because they are very pleasant on the skin. The feel is both lightweight and soft, which is also best for everyday use.

Under the cotton category, you will hear terms that are used with this fabric. First is jersey, a term referring to the type of knit the garment is using. Jerseys are very lightweight, not to mention they are single knit. Jersey can utilized to describe other kinds of fabrics as well. The other term is the ring spun cotton, which is a term used on how the cotton yarn is created. They are made using the twisting technique, thus resulting into a softer yet stronger fabric.


This is a manufactured fabric material that is not only strong, but also quick drying and even resistant against wrinkles. It can hold the shape really well and can even hold up to its form very well even after washing. The modern polyester has a very comfortable and useful fabric the feel is slightly synthetic and some people may not like it. This type of fabric is best used for those that are into sports, fitness and many other outdoor creation.


This kind of fabric is a combination of cotton and polyester. It is a material that provides that cool and light feel you would expect from the cotton wherein it has that wrinkle resistance. There is also the strength where you’ll expect from the polyester, too. This best used for everyday.

Sustainable fabric

This kind of fabric is made partially of recycled material. Isn’t this kind of cool? This fabric, depending on which manufacturer creates them, is usually made from 50 percent preshrunk spun organic cotton and the other half on the post consumer PET recycle polyester. Its feel is similar to that of the poly-cotton mix. This is software than polyster, but is much more durable compared to cotton. This is a good option to have for everyday use, and also for eco-friendly consumers.


This fabric type is made as an alternative to silk, since the latter can be quite expensive to silk. This is made from the natural fibers from various plants, including cotton and trees. The feel is just like that of silk, not to mention it is very breathable, too.

Many college parties take up on cotton fabric for T-shirts because it is breathable and comfortable to the skin. However, you can choose whichever fabric is best suited for your college party. Make sure that the beer shirts will be suited for whoever wears them.