There’s nothing like getting something for free … especially when that something is beer-related. I walk in the door from work yesterday evening to find a non-descript box about the size of one of those old metal lunch boxes sitting on my front table. I payed little attention to it, assuming it was something my wife had ordered, and walked on by it into another room. I didn’t think about it again. A little while later, my wife exclaimed “did you see the box that came for you in the front room?”

“For me? I saw it but I thought that was yours.”

She said, “No, it’s from Sam Adams and I think it’s those new beer glasses they have. I didn’t think you ordered those yet.”

“I didn’t order them,” I replied.

“Maybe I won them or something,” I said, as I began to open the box.

Well, as it turns out the box did indeed contain a pair of the new, scientifically-engineered glasses. I didn’t order them although I had planned on it (I collect beer glassware, albeit not obsessively), and I didn’t win them although I seem to remember registering to win a pair on the Samuel Adams website.

Nope. I recieved them because Jim Koch is just plain cool. Not only has he probably done more to popularize and promote craft beer on a national scale than anyone I can think of, he is always reaching out to the “beer community” in unique and fun ways all in the name of the advancement of better beer. That’s my kinda guy.

Thank you, Jim!

I don’t know exactly what the criteria was for recieving the gratis glassware – I’m not a particularly important or influential person in the world of beerdom, my website isn’t boasting traffic in the millions of visitors, and I can’t and don’t influence the local “politics” of beer in any meaningful way. In other words, there’s no sound business reason to bribe me with free stuff.

Not that Samuel Adams, or Jim Koch in particular, would do that anyway. It must be another reason entirely that I recieved this cool gift.

There is another reason.

As Jim wrote in the accompanying letter, placed just inside the top flap of the box, “After watching wine lovers drink from glasses specially designed to enhance different varietals, I decided that I was going to find the perfect glass for Samuel Adams Boston Lager, and as a subscriber of Beer Advocate and member of the American Homebrewers Association, I wanted to share the results with you.”

How cool is that? Membership does indeed have its privileges, it appears. I haven’t sampled a Boston Lager out of the new glassware yet, and I won’t until I pick up a fresh six pack. I have plenty of other beers I could test these babies out on, but I’d rather experience precisely what they were engineered for … a nice, perfectly-balanced Samuel Adams Boston Lager. SABL is already one of my very favorite lagers of all time (being that I’m not generally a huge lager fan), and I haven’t even tried it in it’s new, perfect glass!

Be sure and support The Boston Beer Company and Samuel Adams beers as much as you can … not because they gave me free glassware, but because Jim and his company really care about the advancement of craft beer in America. In a nation dominated by the mega-brewery – cranking out unfathomable millions of gallons of virtually tasteless pale, light lagers – Sam Adams stands out as a true beer giant.

Again, thanks Jim!