How to Choose the Right Apparel Size Online

We have received a lot of inquiries from our clients on how they can choose the right size apparel if they were going to shop online. We wanted to provide the answer through our FAQs section but decided to give it its own page so that you will know how you can choose the right size from our apparel section.

So what should the shopper do when it comes to identifying or estimating their sizes and ensure that everything they buy online surely fits? Here are a couple of tips to follow so that it will guide you to the right direction in getting the right size.

Measure yourself. First of all, you need to measure yourself. You can’t rely on the general size from the one being shown online, which is why you must measure yourself accurately. One brand with a size of 4 may really feel like a size 6 when you receive them. This is one of the common mistakes that customers who buy their apparel online commit.

So where do you measure? You start with your bust, hips, and waist. You can do this by measuring around the chest in order to get the bust figures, around the belly button to acquire the size of the waist, and around the hip bones in order to get the hip measurements. Write down the figures that you’ve taken and keep them so that you can use it as your basis to buy apparel online.

Check out the sizing information. Almost every online retailer for clothing provides sizing information, which is a lifesaver for you when you spend on items that you can’t personally try on. Before you even start on adding apparel to your shopping cart, you need to make sure that you are clear on the sizing policies of the store. Even if you know that you are a size 6 from one brand, it doesn’t mean that it will be the same on other brands as well. Avoid relying on a dress size until you have read the information thoroughly and that you have already determined the kind of size that will really fit you best.

Identify the difference. When it comes to selling women’s clothes online, some stores label them as “misses” for sizing, while others use the “juniors”. It is very important on your part that you know the difference between these two terms since it will have a huge impact on the kind of garment that fits your body.

Order more. This means that when you order for apparel, make sure that you buy from stores that establish a generous return policy. Good stores are the ones that provide a pay on your returns, however, the others will need you to pony up on the return label. Still, you need to keep your distance from stores that do not allow returns.

So as to avoid sizing mistakes, if it is okay with you, you should order 2 of the same garment, each are of different sizes. This must be bought from stores that has a return policy. You can return the other one that doesn’t fit you.

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