It is always lovely to own something personalized. Before, everything was made readily for us. People would go buy the stuff that are owned or advertised by the most famous celebrities and iconic people. However, over time many people are now appreciating works that are designed solely for them. It was really good at first when people can brag about how they own something that is also used by some famous person, but when they see that a lot of people are also owning the same thing, there is no sense of uniqueness to it anymore. When certain individuals started creating handicrafts that are designed solely for the person they dedicate it to, it was the time when people are seeking more personalized items. This way, the item that they have on their hands are designed for them alone. There is no one else that have the same item as they do. These days, you’ll find various artisans that provide their service of creating personalized items. We also do that here.

There are various personalized item creation services you can find. Some would love to have their cabinets personalized, their jewelry box, furniture, cups, and even the clothes they wear. Here in Straubs’ Inc., we create personalized beer steins, beer glasses, and beer boots. This is a haven for people that love to drink beer and want it to consume from their most personalized drinking container. Who wouldn’t be able to enjoy a good beer without drinking it from a personalized glass?

Our creation of personalized steins, beer boots, and beer glasses did not start out the way most artisans do. The team in Straubs were mostly doing such stuff out of fun and then each of them started sharing what they have created to the people. We never had that intention of selling them to the public. All we did was create one stein after another, then went on to beer boots and then beer glasses. We started creating various creations according to the seasons, holidays and the weather. Some of them are even created as a way to dedicate a person’s greatness.

The team that comprises Straubs’ were a gathering of friends that have a passion for creating personalized items. Like it was said above, it wasn’t for the purpose of selling them, but for appreciating the talent that we possess and share our creations with each other. We gather at a local pub once every two months, bringing in our newest creations and started critiquing each other. There was never rivalry amongst us. We all laughed at creations that started falling apart, yet we help each other out. It was in that local pub that we also came up with the name Straubs’. It was a name given to our gathering, so when the manager sees us in the pub, he would immediately bring us our usual order and call it the Straubs’ gathering.

The demand for our personalized item creation service started in that same local pub as well. One night, with the usual gathering that we have, but minus the creations we brought, one of the customers of the pub asked us whether we would agree to create him a number of personalized beer steins and he would pay for it. We were more than happy to do so and agreed on creating the beer steins for him. Ever since that time, the demand for our skills in creating personalized beer steins grew, which is why we, the Straubs’ gathering, decided that we would create our official company.

We all had our day jobs that time, but due to the demand of the personalized creation, each of us decided to quit our day jobs and dedicate full time to our new found career. Not only did we love doing our creations, we even get to enjoy the fruits of our labor – the income that comes through from numerous patrons and future clients that come to us and have their steins personalized.

We then explored new styles as we always want our clients to remain happy with something new. This is how we have remained relevant and still popular to this day.

If you have a knack for personalized items, especially with containing beer with it, you already know who to look for – the Straubs’ Inc. Visit our workshop to get a good view on how we create our steins and many other products we give to our clients. You will certainly love the site of personalized items done in front of you.

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